Sagacity [suh-gas-i-tee]

    1. clarity and soundness of judgement

Sagacity is dedicated to developing medicines with the potential to prevent Alzheimer's disease, the leading cause of dementia.  As our population ages, many more people will suffer from age-related dementia, and the related costs of care are expected to skyrocket. That's why we've formed this entrepreneurial team of young pharmaceutical professionals with complementary expertise to take on this significant challenge. We're moving forward, from the lessons learned from our predecessors, to drive the next strategies for drug development. 


Sagacity is led by Dr. Karen E. Malone; a former Janssen  team leader with strong business acumen and extensive experience in biomarker studies for AD and novel first-in-class drugs. Drug development is driven by Dr. Jarek Juraszek; a drug discovery, structural biology and bioinformatics scientist. Dr. Juraszek has been involved in developing treatments for several targets previously perceived to be “undruggable”, such as PCSK9. The team is completed by Ashraf Hachhouch, a business developer, with a background in biomedical sciences. He combines his work on Public-Private Partnership financing to support building teams and companies. Leveraging our experience in a big pharma environment we combine this with the dynamics of a lean, agile biotech company.

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